Many provinces across the country have taken measures to limit power and cut power supply, and the sales volume of outdoor power supply has increased by as much as 300%

Release time:2021-09-30

Recently, many provinces across the country have implemented the "dual control of energy consumption", which is not only the implementation of the measures of "opening, stopping and five" for high energy consuming enterprises, but also in some parts of the northeast, power restriction involves the field of residential power consumption, which has triggered a heated discussion.

This round of multi place power rationing is mainly affected by national coal shortage, serious inversion between coal cost and benchmark electricity price, decline of net capacity of connecting line and other factors. At present, the production capacity of domestic power coal and coking coal has shrunk significantly, coupled with the reduction of coal import, the customs clearance of Mongolian coal is low, and the supply of power coal is in obvious shortage. This obviously does not match the high power demand associated with China's economic recovery.


Because the domestic power grid is very developed and the power supply system is stable, so for ordinary families, there is basically no effective solution to deal with this sudden power restriction and power failure, and people's work and life will be affected to varying degrees.

At present, only a few families in China have standing generators. After power failure, the only basic power that can be used as backup power supply for most families is mobile power supply. The conventional mobile power supply can not guarantee the long life time, and most of them can only barely maintain the power consumption of low-power electronic products such as mobile phones; Although the fuel generator can provide continuous power, it is noisy and will pollute the environment.

In fact, in response to power rationing, power outages and other emergencies, in addition to the traditional fuel generator, portable energy storage power supply has gradually become a new solution in recent years.

According to the data from the e-commerce platform, the search volume of outdoor power keywords has doubled recently, which has also driven the growth of sales, with a growth rate of 300%.