Gather thousands of popular products, and the 2021 (Autumn) China cross-border e-commerce 3C accessories selection conference was successfully concluded

Release time:2021-09-29

On September 24, the "2021 (Autumn) China cross border e-commerce 3C accessories selection conference" jointly sponsored by charging head network and I love audio network was held as scheduled in Shenzhen Kexing Science Park, China.

Thanks to the precise positioning, this selection conference has not only received the support of nearly 100 high-quality source manufacturers, but also been recognized and recommended by many well-known cross-border e-commerce platforms and crowdfunding institutions around the world, such as express, lazada, indiegogo, Alibaba international station and eBay, which can help manufacturers obtain millions of traffic and exposure, and quickly realize the creation of popular funds.

The exhibition consists of two parts: Seminar and selection meeting. The selection fair invited nearly 100 high-quality audio and charging suppliers, logistics and service providers in the industry, and attracted nearly 1000 professional visitors to stop and communicate, which is expected to help businesses, supply chains and service providers reach tens of millions of intended purchase orders.

In the seminar, the organizer invited more than 10 guests from Guangdong terminal fast charging Industry Association, express, lazada, Huamei Xingtai, indiegogo, Alibaba, eBay, Lixun precision, Wupin, selkang, Fuyuan Technology, pengyuansheng, huakesheng, Ruiheng, Gushi and so on to share industry data and release new products.