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Sandi PVB series PV Array Combiner is used for the connected of PV inverter and PV array to lessen the cable for the connecting, easy to maintain and improve the reliability. We always fix the DC convergence device between the PV inverter and PV array. With many years of experience in the PV power system, it is specially designed for the high efficiency and reliability; it is the supporting components of our PV inverter for the PV power generating. You could connect a certain number of PV components in series to be the PV array according to the voltage range of DC input; then, connect the PV array to PV lighting protection combiner box for the converge, through the output of lightning protection device and breaker, it is easy for switching-in of PV inverter and improve the system safety and lessen the installing time.


Features of PV array combiner box:

l Applicable for outdoor PV systems;

l Each PV array attached to DC fused protection and anti-reverse protection optional;

l Wide DC voltage input range with maximum open-circuit voltage up to 1000V;

l High voltage Lightning protection (SPD) special for PV;

l PG cable glands connector input, convenient and safe system wiring;

l PV special high voltage circuit breaker control output;

l Protection class IP65 for outdoor use;

l Output Waterproof terminals;

l Wall mounting type is easy to installation

PVB-5/1 Technical Parameters(IP65 engineering ABS plastic box): 

Type Designation


DC Input

DC input strings

5 strings

Max. allowable input voltage


 Each string rated input current


Each string input Max current

10A fuse

DC Output

DC output strings

1 strings

DC rated output current


Output DC Circuit Breaker


Other parameters

Lighting and surge protection


Input fuse protection


Protection Class


Output Terminal Type

PG21 Cable Glands

Box material

IP65 ABS plastic box

Environment Temperature


Environment Humidity

<90% No condensation



※Above parameter only for reference, could be custom made to user specifications.

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